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"Sophia's" Spay Surgery

"Sophia" was a super patient and she recovered beautifully!

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"Sophia" just four hours after her big spay procedure!

"The Vet staff is so caring. They really take time to explain everything to you and make your and your pet feel comfortable. My kitten, Chewy, was so scared when we got there, but by the time we left he was rubbing on the tech's leg. I would recommend them to anyone.

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-Linda S., Indianapolis

"Sophia" was a sweet and friendly stray neighborhood cat that was adopted by her family after already having kittens. "Sophia" visited The Vet to be spayed to help control the local stray cat population by preventing her from having any more unplanned kittens.

Before her spay procedure, "Sophia" had a comprehensive physical examination by Dr. Keating, and her blood was analyzed to ensure that she was as healthy as possible prior to her big surgery. Everything checked out very normal and Dr. Keating felt comfortable proceeding with "Sophia's" spay.

View the slideshow below for photos of "Sophia's big day.