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Riley  Clinic Assistant

Dr. Keating and her husband, Jake, love their Merlequin Great Dane, "Mosby", and short-haired Guinea Pigs, "Jellybean" and "Jazz". October 2018, the Keatings adopted another merlequin Great Dane named "Bessie". While "Bessie" looks a lot like "Mosby", there personalities could not be more different! "Bessie" is more fearful and also deaf, so they have quickly learned to enrich her in her new life!

In her down-time, Dr. Keating loves to play Pokemon Go, interior design, paint, sew, craft, read, ballroom dance, learn Japanese, and pursue a vast array of hobbies!

"All the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them."

Meredith thoroughly enjoys the rewarding experience the veterinary field provides; not just for pets but owners as well. She has five years of experience at a previous veterinary clinic and currently has a full-time position in the animal medicine research field. She is excited to be back in the clinic on a part-time basis and is eager for the opportunity to meet new patients and their owners and build a life-long bond.

Meredith shares her life with two Great Danes named "Diesel" and "Ava" (who is pictured here with Meredith); three cats named "Simon", "Oliver", and "Sophie"; a horse named "Cooper"; and - of course - her wonderful husband, Derek. When she has spare time, Meredith enjoys reading, training and riding her horse, and spending quality time with her family of furry ones and her husband.

Anna's biography to come!

Ashley   Client Service Coordinator

Megan Veterinary Nurse

Anna     Clinic Assistant

Megan's biography coming soon!

Meredith   Veterinary Nurse

​Ashley is currently a student at IUPUI. She majors in Criminal Justice and Psychology and minors in Forensic Science. She has always had a love for animals and many people tell her that she is studying in the wrong field. Ashley plans to continue her education in the criminal justice field, but is considering the veterinary technician field as well.

When she is not studying her expert witness testimony or working at The Vet, she is spending time with her own pets. Ashley shares her life with her dogs Snickers, Tony, and Willow, and her cats Dobby & Khaleesi. Ashley also has a snake, hermit crabs, a bearded dragon, turtles, saltwater & freshwater tanks, and chinchillas. Ashley really enjoys learning about and further educating people about proper habitats and care for all kinds of animals.  When Ashley has some free time, she helps her mom with a Paparazzi Jewelry business. Ashley also likes to relax and watch Netflix and listen to music! Ashley is so excited to be part of the Care Team at The Vet!

Riley is currently a Clinic Assistant at The Vet! She helps in any way she can, whether that be cleaning, organizing, making new client bags, holding, and even cuddling with the animals (when there is free time)! She has been apart of The Vet for quite a while - She started volunteering at age 13 and started working at The Vet at age 14! She stopped working for a while when school got too busy but started back up in the summer of 2018 when she turned 16, and she loves it more than she

could ever imagine! She loves spending time with her one dog named, "Farley", who is a Mini Goldendoodle. Farley is currently 11 years old but still acts like a puppy and he means more than anything to her. She loves spending as much time as she can with him, since he is such a floofy bundle of joy! 

When she is not working at The Vet, she is attending school in New Palestine as a Junior! Riley is very academically driven and is apart of every Honor Society that she can be apart of. She is currently in National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. She is also in a club called "The Voice" at her school where they try to encourage young kids to stay away from vaping, drugs, and alcohol. She has also just applied for a study abroad program for the summer of 2019 and if she is accepted, then she will be traveling to Mexico, Cuba, or Spain for 5 to 6 weeks to be totally immersed in the Spanish language and culture! And if she is not at school or work, she is most likely playing soccer for her school or for her travel team! She most recently traveled to Missouri for a tournament and has another tournament coming up where she will be traveling to Florida!! 

The Vet has played a big role in Riley's (possible but hopeful) future career. She would like to go to college where she can double-major in a pre-veterinary option and Spanish, then head off to Veterinary School. Dr. Keating has been an incredible mentor for Riley and is so grateful that she has the opportunity to shadow her whenever she is working. And who knows, maybe Riley will be working along-side Dr. Keating one day! Only time will tell!

-Douglas, Greenfield

From top left to top right: Mosby at the  Paws and Play Dog Park at age 4; his first day home at 28 pounds and 3 months old; his first car trip home on mom's lap (look at those paws); at age 3 laying with his pig, "Masuka"; and yawning in the morning. Mornings are tough...

Mosby is Dr. Keating and Jake's Merlequin Great Dane. Born on August 22nd, 2011, Mosby first came home when he was three months old and he was already 28 pounds! He is now approximately 150 pounds, depending on how much he feels like eating (he is a "grazer")! And, no, we do not have a saddle for him...yet. His favorite buddies are guinea pigs, which he dotes on as if they were his puppies. He loves Pup Cups at Frosty Boy. He's got quite a loud bark when startled, but he loves people - kids especially - and is well socialized. If you see Mosby out-and-about, at events, or at The Vet, come over and say, "Hi"! 

"Mosby" Keating  Clinic Mascot

Jake performs finance and administration duties at The Vet. Jake graduated from Wright State University in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance. He immediately began his accounting career with his family's business, one of the largest shoe lace manufacturers in the world! While it was fantastic learning experience, he elected to move to Columbus, Ohio to help support Dr. Keating while she attended veterinary school at The Ohio State University (OSU). After Dr. Keating graduated from OSU, she and Jake moved back to southern Ohio together for Dr. Keating's first career veterinary job in Wheelersburg. Later, they moved to Atlanta, Georgia to follow Jake's career with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). After a year in Georgia, they moved to Indiana to live and build a home very near family. 

Jake works in the accounting field during the week and performs the finance and administration duties for The Vet on weeknights and weekends.  He is very excited to be a part of this wonderful community and looks forward to meeting your furry best friends!

Jake Keating  Accountant

​​Ben graduated from Shawnee State with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He recently moved from Portsmouth, Ohio to join The Vet as a Clinic Assistant. He has had a love for animals since his first puppy, “Goldie.” She was his best friend from age 5 all the way until 17!  Ben plans to learn everything he can about animal care with The Vet because he believes that our furry little friends make the world a better place.

When Ben isn’t at The Vet he likes to play soccer, darts, and go Pokemon hunting! He is becoming acquainted with everything New Palestine has to offer and is ecstatic to be a member of the community. We are happy to have him as the newest member of our team and excited for our future together!

Ben  Veterinary Nurse

Meet The Vet Care Team

Christal Morita-Keating    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Christal Morita-Keating attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, where she graduated with departmental honors and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology.  She received a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from The Ohio State University in 2011. Upon graduation, she practiced with a companion animal veterinary hospital in Wheelersburg, Ohio.  

From 2013 until 2015, Dr. Keating practiced full-time at Banfield Pet Hospital locations in Greenwood, Avon, and Bloomington, Indiana; Douglasville, Georgia; and provided relief services for Willoughby, Massillon, and Medina, Ohio.

Dr. Keating is very excited to start a new chapter, as both Veterinarian and Owner of The Vet where she will champion for the best preventative care for each patient, at each visit!

Dr. Keating's interests are dentistry, ear and skin disease, allergy management, soft tissue surgery, as well as behavioral training and behavioral medical management. Small mammal exotics - especially guinea pigs - are also a passion of Dr. Keating's, which she has learned much about through self-sought continuing veterinary education.

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