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7299 West U.S. Highway 52

New Palestine, Indiana 46163

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"Great experience...Friendly, caring, and informative staff!!!"

-Laura, New Palestine

"Lana" at The Vet's Grand Opening

Ron lived his life next to two of the most loyal canine companions, "Lana" and "Gizmo". His family was inspired to build the dog park to honor Ron's special bond with his beloved best friends.

"Gizmo" at The Vet

"Mosby", Dr. Keating's Great Dane playing at the Paws and Play Dog Park!

In Memory

The Paws and Play Dog Park was founded in memory of James Ronald "Ron" Mills, Dr. Keating's brother. The dog park was founded in 2013 by Ron's brother, mother and father: Mike Mills and Gene & Robert Morita. 

Location and Hours

The Paws and Play Dog Park is just south of West U.S. 52, on the east side of South 700 West, in the Sugar Creek Township Park.

The  Paws and Play Dog Park is open from dawn until dusk seven days a week.

If your dog would love to play, but is not up to date on his vaccines, call The Vet to make an appointment!

Check out the Paws and Play Dog Park just around the corner from The Vet! Opened in 2013, the off-leash, no-cost, fenced dog park has both small- and large-dog sections to play in! Featuring adjustable agility equipment, a fire hydrant (it's pretend, but don't tell the pups!), a bench, and over 50,000 square feet to run free, it's the perfect place for pups to get "Dog Tired"!

Paws and Play Dog Park