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Medication Refill Request Form

Medication Refill Request

Need your furry best friend's medication refilled? Our Care Team can fill in-clinic prescriptions, call-in prescriptions to human pharmacies or approve faxed prescription requests!

If you would like to request a refill of a medication, please fill out the Medication Refill Request Form below. Please note that this form is not for new medication requests.

Prescription refills are for our current clients only. Federal law requires that, in order to receive a refill, your pet must have been examined at The Vet within the past year. For certain illnesses and medications, a recheck visit or bloodwork may be required prior to medication refill approval.

If your pet needs to be seen at The Vet prior to medication refill, please call us at 317-623-5019 to discuss your pet's prescription needs or Request an Appointment now.

If you are looking for The Vet's online pharmacy to have medications shipped to your doorstep, please visit our Vet's First Choice site.

Please call if you need your pet's medication today. Otherwise, there can be a 24-48 hour delay in getting this form-requested prescription filled if the medication is in-stock. We will contact you as soon as your pet's medications are ready!

Thank you!

The Vet's Care Team

"Take real good care of my Bruty, who is 17 yrs. Old. Could never thank them enough for understanding me and Bruty."

-Anita, New Palestine

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