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With early drop-off hours - as early as 7 a.m. by appointment - and late pick-up hours - as late as 7 p.m., keeping up with your pet's preventative care examinations has never been easier! 

The Vet is even open on Saturdays and Sundays for appointments and surgeries, making complete pet care even more convenient for your busy family!

The Vet's Care Team is so excited to meet your furry best friends and begin offering them the best care from the first moment we meet!!!

Call us today or Request an Appointment  to schedule your best friend's first visit or a clinic tour to see what The Vet has to offer your entire family! 

- Samantha, Greenfield

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"Dr. Keating and her staff are amazing! Literally the most caring and devoted people I have ever met. They spend so much time with you and are extremely loving and caring...We HIGHLY recommend ❤️"

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Due for a Dental Cleaning?

Has your furry best friend had a dental cleaning within the past year? If not, then they are overdue!

Just like humans, pets' teeth accumulate calculus, which increase the risk of dental infection and much more. Pets one year of age or older require at least yearly dental cleanings to maintain their oral health. Dogs and cats have teeth, too!

Learn more about dental cleanings and what happened to "Maddie's" face to make her come see The Vet!

Meet The Vet Care Team

The Vet is a full-service veterinary clinic serving the New Palestine, Greenfield and Indianapolis areas. The Vet maintains a Care Team of highly-trained Veterinary Receptionists and Veterinary Nurses to take the best care of your best friends. Every member of our Care Team is focused on life-long preventative care for your furry family members! 

Personalized care is expected at The Vet, and with Dr. Keating as the only veterinarian, you can rest assured that your pet will see the same doctor every visit. With our new facility and state-of-the art equipment, including dental radiography (x-rays), digital radiology, in-house diagnostics, and oxygen concentrator, The Vet is staying on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and technology.

The Vet Is In!

Dr. Christal Morita-Keating attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, where she graduated with departmental honors and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. She received a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from The Ohio State University in 2011...

Christal Morita-Keating, DVM

The Ohio State University

The Vet is a full-service veterinary clinic located in New Palestine, Indiana, with strong focus on life-long preventative care of your furry family members. Dr. Keating evaluates your entire pet at each visit to ensure the best quality of life possible and to catch disease early so that treatment can stop it in its tracks just as quickly!

Office hours are available weekdays Wednesday through Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday for routine appointments and surgery! With drop-off and in-room appointments, preventative care has never fit into your busy schedule so seamlessly!

Request an appointment online or call us today to see how we can help your pet live healthier for longer!

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