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Regretfully, due to recent health and wellbeing developments, The Vet will be closing for business permanently by the end of February 2024. Dr. Keating and The Vet’s Care Team so greatly appreciate your trust in us since 2015 for the care of your furry best friends and we will dearly miss the wonderful family and bonds that we have made. We cannot thank you all enough and it has been a pleasure being part of the community. Please know that this was an incredibly difficult decision.

Because of our upcoming closure, The Vet will not be taking on any new patients.

If your pet has an existing appointment, a Care Team Member will contact you prior to your appointment.

The Vet is no longer able to take on emergency appointments. If your pet is having an emergency, please call one of the following 24-hour ER facilities: VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center at (317) 578-4100, IndyVet at (317) 782-4484, or MedVet at (317) 872-8387.


To help us refill your prescriptions as quickly as possible, please visit our website at and click “Prescription Refill Request” in the bottom right corner. This will allow you to scroll through the form and enter your request in detail. 

- Please allow two business days for the Care Team to follow up after your request. 

- The Vet will continue dispensing medications from the clinic directly until our current medication stock is used. Because of this, certain medications may need to be filled through another local pharmacy of your choice.  

- Please also note that medications only used in veterinary medicine (such as Apoquel, heartworm/flea/tick preventions, ear cleaners, others) may need to be ordered through a veterinary online pharmacy.  

- Please note that levothyroxine doses necessary for dogs are MUCH higher than human doses, so levothyroxine will need to be filled through an online veterinary pharmacy. 

- A Care Team Member will contact you to relay where your scripts and/or medications will be ready. 



To request your pet’s medical records from the last three years, please visit our website at and click “Medical Record Request” in the bottom right corner.

Given the volume of medical records being requested and our smaller Care Team, we truly appreciate your patience in understanding that patient records will be prepared and sent as soon as possible. Note that priority will be given to those patients with ongoing illness concerns or upcoming wellness care needs.

Please only request your pets’ records through ONE method (on our website, via voicemail, or via email). The more requests that are made, especially from different methods, the more time it takes for our Care Team to filter the excess information.

All medical records will be emailed to the email address on the patient’s record unless otherwise specified.

-There will not be any fee for emailed/electronic records.

-If printed records are requested, there will be a fee of $10 per patient and records must be picked up at the clinic after our Care Team contacts you.


Again, Care Team at The Vet thanks you all so very much for your support and it has been an honor.


Dr. Keating

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